Chubby Cheeks, unit one altogether those aspects of beauty that unit thought of prime importance significantly as they appear to be a a part of gorgeous face. Chubby cheeks are the sign of youthfulness. Teens usually have baby fat, that adds prettiness to their beauty.

In general, chubby cheeks give fuller face. In teens face appearance usually fuller thanks to the baby fat. Even you are aged the early or late 20s and want to have chubby cheeks then that is not at all an issue.

You can attain chubby cheeks even at that age. For that, you need not eat a lot and go out of your diet. You can get zaftig cheeks by doing a little facial exercise, yoga, and by following a correct diet that may let your cheeks become zaftig.

There are other ways to fill your cheeks, little hard to do so as they include surgeries, facial fillers etc. So it would be always good to go natural always, which don’t include any side effects.

If you would like to examine your cheeks turning into zoftig in mere every week then follow the below tips.

There square measure diets to follow so as to be slot in body and face, but this time diet for chubby cheeks. Carbohydrates rich foods with added essential nutrients can help you get healthy skin and fuller cheeks. It is best way as it is all about eating full. Add to your diet huge amounts of rice and bread along with leafy greens, fruits and dietary fibers. Get eliminate unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. Drink more water; make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day.


Yoga is an ancient way of exercising. There must be very few people being aware of facial yoga and its uses. Facial yoga is finest way to shape your face in best way. Not just to shape it, but also to fill it you can use yoga. Facial yoga helps you in obtaining zoftig cheeks additionally to induce eliminate early aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

Do the subsequent facial exercises for developing zoftig cheeks during a week.

Place you index fingers on the apex of your cheek bone and massage the skin in that area in circular motions for one minute.

Now move your fingers towards your nostrils and massage the area in circular motion for one minute.

Bring your fingers to jaw hinges and massage the area gently with your finger tips in circular motion.

Repeat this facial yoga for at least four times a day for best results.


There square measure few facial exercises which will assist you get zoftig cheeks.

Sit straight on chair and relax muscles of your face. Now open your mouth in such a way that you are talking with someone. Now bring your lips inwards with your corner of the mouth outwards. Try and stretch corners of your lips wide. Now hold your face in that position for a while and then relax. Make sure the muscles of your cheeks are stretched when you are holding your face. Repeat this in a set of three of three times a day.

Take a deep breath with your mouth and close your lips tightly holding the air inside your mouth. Hold the air in your mouth and feel pressure on your cheeks muscles for 40 to 50 seconds and then open up your lips. Repeat this for three times a day. You can also enjoy the same exercise by blowing a balloon, which produces the same results.

Smile wide and hold the muscles of your face with your palms. Press your hands gently on the muscles and hold the face for five seconds and then relax. Do this for three times a day.

Close your lips tight and smile and widen the outer corners of your lips. Widen as much as possible and hold on for 10 seconds and now bring them back as close as possible. Do this in three sets two times a day.


Aloe can help you get chubby cheeks. Take some aloe gel and apply it on your cheeks directly. Massage the aloe gel on your cheeks gently in circular motions. Do this for 20 to 30 minutes. Repeat it for two to three times in a day for best results.

Apple paste

Cheeks are compared with apples isn’t it? Now it’s time for apples to make your cheeks chubby. Apple has natural ingredients in it, that helps create your cheeks zoftig. Take one slice of apple and blend it. Make fine paste out of it and apply it as a pack onto your cheeks. Let it sit on your face for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it off with fresh cool water.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are rich in nutrients that help you in getting fuller cheeks. Its anti-oxidant properties and being rich in vitamins help in getting rid of wrinkles and signs of sagginess. Take one tbsp of fenugreek seeds and soak them overnight in water. In the morning make paste of those seeds and apply it all over your cheeks. Let it dry so wash it off with cool water.
There are few other tips like using rose water and glycerin pack, olive oil, and Shea butter etc for getting fuller cheeks. We will come up with many more in next articles.


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